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Our Pottery Makes life Easier

We take pride in our work, and it shows. Every time you use our pottery, we know that it will be an experience worth having. Whether it's our milk jug, in the upper left of the image, that fits the milk bag perfectly, $60.00; or the fruit saver that allows air to flow past the fruit keeping it fresher longer, $75.00; or the Berry Bowl that becomes a perfect vegetable steamer in the microwave . . .you simply put the small plate on top of the bowl covering your vegetables and the moisture of the vegetables will steam them to perfection. $35.00 bowl/ $10.00 plate - the lower left of the image. There is something; wonderful that happens when the hand of a careful craftsman touches your hand, you will be coming back for more !

This is our Display of Product

"A close look will give you an idea of our colours"

The top row centre shows our Tea Pot with no handle to break; no lid to fall off and a spout that defys chipping.$60.00 Directlly below the Tea Pots is the Sphere Fountain with water flowing gently over its surface; it makes a perfect room humidifier.$250.00 To the left of the fountain are 2 rows of our mugs $20.00; shown in tri-colour stripe and blue marble. The mugs hold 500 ml and have a large easy to grip handle. To the left of the mugs are Knitter Yarn Bowls $30.00 shown in blue stripe, brown stripe and blue marble $40.00. On the right of the picture are some of Sam Moligians' salt gleze pots. They are all priced individually so please visit the Salt Glaze page to see availability and price.

Loaf Dish, with a Beer Bread Mix in food safe pottery Fun and Easy, just add a beer to the mix. A Perfect gift for a Bachelor

Even full meals are perfect in this Loaf Dish. $30.00 A chicken breast, a few baby potatoes; diced carrots with a cup of good chicken stock surrounding them; a few slices of fennel and basting with a dry white wine will give you a gourmet meal.(don't forget salt and pepper) Try a rack of lamb standing upright in the dish, simply place and dish in the oven and bake at 375 Degrees F. You will have a perfect rack of lamb in 30 minutes.

From our earthenware solutions the Mushroom keeper

The pourous clay will absorb the moisture from the surface of the mushroom so that it can not decay and rot during storage.You should not wash mushrooms before storing them, simply brush any dirt away with a dry paper towel. Then place mushrooms in the Mushroom Keeper and store in refrigerator. You will not believe how long the mushrooms will stay fresh as the clay gives back the moisture from the fresh mushrooms to the stored mushrooms keeping them fresher longer.

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