Jane's Pottery Factory Salt Glaze By Moligian

From our salt kiln

This salt glaze jug is from a recent firing and is one of the few left from that firing. They are $60.00 each, They have bright cryatals created by rutile and cobalt oxides. The crystals form in response to the atmosphere in the kiln. The pebbled surface of the glaze in the lower half of this piece, is typical of the salt glazing process.The pebbles of glass form around the silica molecules in the clay.

The potter Sam Moligian controls the Salt Kiln and its atmoshpere. In doing so he controls the movement of the elements, iron, coblat and silicon oxides in the pottery. This produces fine changes in colour in each piece; so that each piece is individual and can not be exactly reproduced.

Pieces From A Recent Firing August 2018

The front mug carrying the flashing crystals of rutile has been sold but there are still some wonderful mugs in the store. $27.50 The 2 small wine or tea cups are still available and there a 12 more just as beautiful, still available $15 each.The Large Fruit Saver is alive with flashing metallic and silica crystals $75.00 The blue green bowl with gold highlights is $20.00. The yellow gold bown is 8 inches wide and is still available $25. We take pride in our work, and it shows. Every time you use our pottery, we know that it will be an experience worth having. .

The pieces are unique and so individually priced. We can send you images of any pieces similar to those that interest you that are in stock. If you are intersted; describe it to us in an e-mail at jane@janespottery.ca

All materials are carefully controlled , Our Pottery is Food Safe

This mug holds 500 ml. with a large easy to grip handle and a smooth softly curved lip which is a joy to drink from $27.50