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salt glaze potter
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North Bay Ontario P1A 0E3

Jane Agnew

Biographical Sketch

    After graduating from both Sheridan College School of Design and York University with a diploma in ceramics and a BFA respectively, Jane began a period of eight years of teaching at both the college and university levels. In 1978 she opened a studio and shop adjacent to her home in North Bay. In an effort to put economic impact behind her firm belief that the object maker is the ultimate designer and process controller, she expanded her operation turning the most popular item, the stoneware bag milk jug, into a large volume slip casting operation. Customers who had to wait six weeks for a milk jug were discontented: "one woman actually cried when I told her she would have to wait six weeks for her Jug" Agnew reminisces. Jane's Pottery Factory expanded operations building a fast fire tunnel kiln to reach production schedules of 100 jugs per week.


    Although Jane's interest in Fine Art and sculpture and a pottery career have had to take a back seat to a new career in biology and chemistry, Jane continues to be vitally interested in Fine Art and Craft. Recently Jane has graduated from Nipissing University: Honours BSc in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She has also completed a Neuroscience Certificate. For those interested in Jane's New Career, please visit our new web site www.bioartworks.ca